2-way floorstanding speakers

Drivers:B&C 15NBX100, B&C DE500

Enclosure type:Bass-reflex
Max. power:500W RMS; 1000W max.
Ref. sensitivity:88dB/1W/1m
Crossover:18dB/oct. + corrections - bass; 12dB/oct. + corrections - treble
Fr. range:30-26000Hz (+-3dB) w/ 6dB bafflestep compensation

Cabinet:22mm MDF
Finish:Matte white (Warnex)
Dimensions (WxHxD mm):520 x 1200 x 380


Hi-end 2-way floorstanding speakers with 15" neodymium woofer and 1" titanium driver working with 18" waveguide. High quality, paired crossover components.
Separate input for bass and tweeter allows bi-wiring or bi-amping, massive terminals allow up to 8mm (0 AWG) wire size.

Frequency response:

black line - off axis (recommended), yellow line - on axis

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