ASW10-1 Neo

Active HiFi subwoofer

Passive part
Driver:tk W10-1 Neo, tk ABR10-1 FF
Enclosure type:Passive Radiator
Sensitivity:87dB/1W/1m half-space
Fr. range:Od 40Hz (-3dB) / 30Hz (-6dB) do 40-200Hz (nastaviteľné)

Cabinet:18mm DTD/MDF
Finish:vinyl veneer/carpet
Dimensions (WxHxD mm):300 x 550 x 400

Max. Power:200W RMS; 280W max.
Input impedance:20kOhm
Input sensitivity:<7V
Power consumption (Standby / idle / max):8 / 24 / 330W
Another features:Automatic turn-on/turn-off, input sensitivity, phase (0-180°) and lowpass filter (40-200Hz) adjustment.

Price: 250€

Active HiFi subwoofer with a one-of-a-kind neodymium motor driver and passive radiator. Class D amplifier ensures high power effectivity and low heat production. Ideal as a home cinema subwoofer.