Octavia installation

soundsystem install

Alpine CDE-170R
Tuner, CD, USB (MP3/AAC/WMA), AUX, 2xRCA

Carpower CRB-165SET
87dB/1W, kevlar/paper midbass, silk dome tweeter, 12dB crossover with MKT capacitors

Alpine MRV-T505
had it for free, 2x60W @ 0,04% THD @ 12V, 10-50000Hz (+0 -1dB), 100dB SNR

STP Silver
Used to seal and dampen the doors

A few words:
I wanted to get as much of a frequency range as possible without the need to use a subwoofer. And I also wanted to use one amplifier I had, which was not used.
I was looking for speaker set in a price below 100 and this Monacor set had the least amount of compromises. It has a complete 12dB/octave crossover, with both HPF for tweeter and LPF for bass and uses MKT capacitors, which is something you don't get in any other component speaker sets in this price. And it means higher quality, because MKT is just better than bipolar electrolytic. And you can also set tweeter attenuation in three steps.
Headunit had to have green backlight, support mp3 from both USB and CD, and of course AUX input.

The first step was to make MDF pieces under the midbass drivers. I used 18mm and 19mm MDF, I found a plan on the web. I applied one STP plate into the door, screwed and glued the MDF pieces to the place where original plastic speaker holders were. Then I covered all the openings with another STP plate, made a few openings for cables and covered them with a duct tape. The last thing to do was to mount the trim back as it was.

Because an amplifier was installed at it was all the way back in trunk, I had to install new speaker wires, in this case 2x1,5mm2 copper wire. Installing midbass drivers was a bit more difficult. The space to install the speakers was too shallow, so I had to give a bit of tuning to the window holders and to the basket of the drivers.

Tweeters are sticked to the dashboard next to A-pillars. Crossovers are placed underneath the dashboard, hidden, but accessible, so I could set the attenuation of the tweeters later. I set it to -6dB.

To bring the power to the amp I bought a wiring set for powers up to 600W with 6AWG power cable, 60A fuse and two stereo signal cables. I put the power cable to the left side of the car and signal cable to the righ side and they meet in the hidden place on the side of the trunk. That's also the place where ground cable is connected to the chassis. Amp is glued to the STP, I could not use screws in this case. Although this amp is an old one, it's the strongest part of the system, it's an old-school device built from top quality components, it can handle 1-ohm loads (2-ohms in bridge) and it produces its nominal power (60W@12V / 75W@14.4V) with only 0,04% distortion, not at typical 10%.

The last step was to install the headunit. There was a problem with cables, this device has too tight RCA connectors and I could almost not fit the unit with the connectors attached into the compartment because of the total length.

Using an external soundcard, the sound was fantastic for the price, the biggest surprise was the lower end of the spectrum, the bass response was incredible. Also the maximum SPL was was great.
After installing the headunit the sound changed a little bit, I still had the same great bass response, but higher tones were not as clear as from the soundcard.

From the components I used I can definitely recommend STP Silver which is a great dampening material with aluminium foil, which will keep it in shape and will reflect heat. Also the CRB-165set is absolutely great value, fantastic bass response without the need to use a subwoofer. Alpine headunit was not that great, maybe something from Kenwood or Pioneer would be better.

Install: Octavia I (Carpower CRB-165SET, STP Silver, Alpine MRV-T505, Alpine CDE-170R)