Mirum Subwoofer

AutoHiFi passive radiator subwoofer

Driver:RTO XP-12x with extra ferrite ring

Enclosure type:Passive Radiator
Max. power:400W RMS; 800W max.
Sensitivity:89dB/1W/1m half-space
Fr. range:od 50Hz/52Hz (-3dB); od 39,6Hz/37,7 (-6dB) (with/without added weight)

Cabinet:18mm MDF
Dimensions (WxHxD mm):395 x 360 x 465


Compact subwoofer suitable for cars with not a lot of trunk space. Even with its small dimensions it is capable of big sound thanks to passive radiator. Tuning of the box can be changed by adding/removing extra weight from the radiator, for the SPL mode, it is used without extra weight, tuning is set to 45Hz:

SQ mode - by adding the extra weight, you set the tuning to 34Hz:

Negative impact of higher power on SPL characteristic is not as significant as in bass-reflex enclosures.