active 2.1 speaker system


I acquired a few loudspeakers, four midbass, three fullrange drivers and two tweeters, all TVM. One way to make them used would be to build column 3-way or 3.5-way speakers, or I could build a 2.1 system with quite an interesting subwoofer. I decided to go with the second choice. Two satellites as small as possible and dual isobaric subwoofer.
At first I thought about using bass-reflex enclosure, but those midbass drivers aren't really subwoofer-ish and they would need a little bit of help controlling their excursion. And for this, bandpass will be much better. And it would also let me tune a bit lower.

Bandpass vs. bassreflex

I'm not sure what the amplifier will be yet, but I'm thinking about going for D-class amplifier.